What Makes To-love-Beauty?

The Inspiration

Beauty to me is symbolic; it exists in nature, in people and in life. It's unique to each individual's perspective. To me it represents happiness, light and confidence. So when I came across the famous proverb that is '...to love Beauty is to see Light...' written by the renowned French poet and novelist Victor Hugo, I found my inspiration and calling to create a beauty content website.


I want to engage my readers by discussing everything beauty, that will provide not only knowledge but positive tools to use in their daily lives that can give confidence, happiness and give them the opportunity to see light.

My Purpose, My Passion, My Pursuit

Behind every great success there is a story; behind every beauty creation there is a story. When each product or each experience about beauty is shared on this platform, it is considered and it is inspired. To-love-Beauty wants to tell those beauty stories because as human beings this is what we can identify with and this is what we have always identified with. Stories guide us and stories can make us. Moreover as a brand I seek to evoke a positive sentiment when I write; it is all about humanising what are essentially inanimate objects. I want there to be a feeling of confidence, happiness and self-beauty when each product or tool is talked about, and when each product or tool is used.

My stories will always begin and end on the belief that 'beauty in all things should be inspired and not foretold.'

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