Brand in Focus: Viviscal

April 30, 2017

Hair is one of those parts of the body that is so sacred to every individual. It’s what many consider a part of the body that defines our look. Short or long, hairstyles and hair condition can either give us confidence or they can give us low self-esteem; we almost always have a love/hate relationship with it.


For a long time, I’ve struggled with tangled and frizzy hair, I’ve also struggled with delicate hair strands that break easily or just fall out. Not only does it make me feel more conscious than ever about my thinning hair but it also makes me feel less confident about myself. I’ve investigated so many products that claim to help hair growth and hair strength and I get so overwhelmed by the sheer saturation in the beauty market. Sifting through it all, I finally came across something that seemed noteworthy so naturally I invested.


Viviscal is a hair growth programme that has been doing clinical research for the last twenty-five years. This research started off in the 1980s where a Scandinavian professor studied the eating habits of the Inuits and how these habits resulted in great hair and skin. As their diet is mainly fish, the professor understood that it was the rich oils and proteins from the fish that gave the great hair and skin. He then isolated the key protein ‘Amino Mar C’, which was then added to the Viviscal product. The brands’ product range includes topical products such as shampoos and conditioners and it also includes vitamins that are to be taken orally for a more concentrated result. From hair growth to thickness to strength, Viviscal is paving the way to hair advancements that cost a fraction of the price.


Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo (£9.99)

A delicate shampoo that contains the signature mix of biotin, keratin and zinc. It cleanses the hair and after at least two weeks of use, you will see that your looks naturally thicker and fuller. Considering the scientific nature of the shampoo, you would expect it to smell medicinal and not to feel particularly great. But it’s like any other shampoo, except that it works on a cellular level for the scalp. It’s important to use the shampoo as you normally would with any other shampoo i.e. twice a week or daily because your hair reacts better to the routine it knows best. The proteins that the shampoo has will help with the production of healthy hair and general hair growth. I find that this shampoo makes my hair feel cleaner, smoother and heavier. For fine hair like mine, this is a great shampoo.


Densifying Elixir (£19.99)

Like with many serums, there are a concentration of ingredients to give you optimum results. In the case of the Elixir, it has all the proteins of the shampoo but in abundance and that can be left in wet hair to fully soak in. What I like to do is dampen my hair with no shampoo, take a few full pumps of the serum and disperse it on my scalp and on the lengths of my hair. I then plait my hair and allow the serum to work its magic overnight. I find that the serum has been fully absorbed in the morning and my hair feels a lot thicker than before. I use the Elixir as more of an intense treatment rather than a styling agent. It works incredibly well and your hair feels instantly healthier.


Viviscal is a brand that looks to truly revolutionise the health and feeling of hair. It’s not about the frills of a normal haircare range, with strong scents and aromas and an excess amount of superficial ingredients like silicone and parabens, it’s all about putting what is natural back into the hair.

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