Feel the purity of the ‘no-brand’ identity of Muji with their signature candles

August 7, 2017

Muji is a Japanese brand that favours minimalism, recycling, avoidance of wastage in manufacturing and a ‘no-brand’ policy for their products. It’s a brand that I absolutely adore; from stationery to vanity cases to all-purpose beauty products, Muji is a place I like to go to when I am looking for products that are unpretentious yet hugely satisfying. One particular product that fits this brief, is their candle.


Candles are to me, like fish are to water: a given. They are so a part of my everyday lifestyle. When lit, they evoke a soothing and calming effect that is so important to me. Setting up my business and working day and night to see its success can often clog my cognitive function and I find it difficult to switch off. By lighting a candle, I feel less stressed and it encourages me to do some simple meditation to renew myself and rejuvenate. The candle itself symbolises light in the midst of darkness; a sort of awakening that lifts your spirits.


There are a variety of Muji candles but there are two that stand out for me:


Elderflower (£4.95)

This Elderflower candle reminds me of warm Tuscan nights I shared with my family while on holiday. We would light the barbeque, cook a variety of flavourful foods and light candles all around the eating area. That tranquil honeysuckle scent combined with the light floral aroma of Elderflower, kept the atmosphere calm and serene and worked its magic late into the night when the stars would come out. Like many fragrances, it evokes a wonderful memory so when I light this candle I am transported back to my summers spent in the beautiful Italian valleys.

Jasmine & Olive (£4.95)

The Jasmine scent has always been a favourite of mine. It has this light floral aroma that is both fresh and fragrant and helps me to relax very easily. It reminds me of when I was younger and my mum used to light incense sticks and this delicate flutter of Indian sandalwood and Jasmine would permeate into every room. It was a scent that enveloped you like a big hug and reminded you of the comforts of home. This candle is so wonderful that it is able to encapsulate such a warming memory. I like to light this a few hours before going to bed so that my room is subtly coated with this scent. It is also great for any time of the year; it transcends the changes in seasons effortlessly.

The Muji brand has the kind of simplicity you need in a busy lifestyle. With no frills and novelties, you get exactly what you need and it works effectively. Their candles have been so well designed and truly create the scent you except to smell; often candles will smell as they should do when in the container but once lit you can barely smell anything. Lightening something as elementary as a candle can make a world of difference to your everyday routine and this is especially the case with Muji candles!

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