The secret’s out: all you need to know about glowing skin!

February 27, 2017

Do you find that you are inundated with emails upon emails about how to achieve that all-important glowing skin? It’s like an email each week with another product and another method to show you how to get skin that shines and looks like it has not aged a bit. I get so overwhelmed because I’m being told to use an insurmountable number of products and methods just to get skin that glows. The beauty market has become a cornucopia of products and as a society of consumers we have become very much influenced by it.


Knowing that I want to give my readers a sense of order and a sense of simplicity, I of course researched the glowing skin phenomena. What I came to realise is that it’s not an enigma that cannot be solved. There’s no conspiracy where there are non-believable theories. All the information that we are sent or see online can be easily condensed. It’s all about looking for those common factors and those patterns in the spiralling web that is beauty.


The first thing to note is that we’re all different; skin tones and skin types. Hence it’s difficult to state that one product is perfect or universal for everyone. So what I can do is set some guidelines that will help in you trying to identify what products can be used for you to get that glow. So here’s what’s up:



You’ve already probably read my skincare article about water and its importance so I’m not going to dwell on it too much. All you need to know is that being hydrated is medically important. You want to ensure that your body functions work around the clock and drinking water is absolutely key to this. It helps the workings of your kidneys, flushing out harmful toxins and cleansing your entire body including your skin. As our body is made up of mostly water, it’s important that we continue to replenish it. Try and drink up to five glasses or water a day. I like to drink hot water with a lemon slice just to make the drink more interesting and usually before I know it I have had about eight mug fulls. It’s all about what works for you but incorporating water as much as possible. As it cleans away the toxins from your body, any excretion of oils on the face stops the build-up of bacteria i.e. pimples and blemishes.


Juices full of antioxidants

We hear and see a lot about juices and juice diets. It’s said they can help us lose weight and they can help us include enough fruit and vegetables into our everyday consumption with complete ease. But have you seen the cost of some of these ‘miracle’ juices? Pretty pricey for a 100ml bottle. So I looked into them further. The idea of the juices, just like with water, is that they use fruit and vegetables that are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants being the little molecules that help clear your body of free radicals (the bad guys!). Ingredients such as blueberries, beetroot, oranges, kale etc. are all heroes in this case and are often key in the success of these juices. Now for the case of skin you’re looking for those ingredients that include a concentrated amount of vitamins, especially C & D to get that glow.

I recently posted on Instagram a juice combination that I’m somewhat addicted to now! It’s a combination of amla, apples and carrots. Each, are so integral in the maintenance of good body function and skin clarity and it’s so simple to make it at home at a fraction of the price. Apples include vitamin C and collagen, both of which ensure clarity of skin and elasticity so that you can hinder early signs of wrinkles. Carrots contain vitamin A that just as with vitamin C, helps reduce the signs of aging to help with pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Finally amla, the fruit that Indians have used for many decades and what I would happily call today’s ‘fountain of youth’ contains more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. It’s so surprising that it’s so understated in the West. It’s an extremely bitter fruit and not so palatable but if you mix it with apples and carrots, you get the most detoxifying juice and one that purifies. Not only does it help to prevent acne and blemishes, it tones and tightens the skin along with ensuring even skin tone. It’s the ultimate fruit for glowing skin!



There is no one form of exercise that will get you to glowing skin. It can be almost anything but you should incorporate something. The idea is that the more you sweat, the more you release all the toxins from your body. In turn by cleansing your body in this way, you ensure that your skin is free from bacteria and full of youth and glow. For me it’s all about hot yoga. It’s intense and not always the most glamorous in the way of sweating bucket loads, but it’s incredibly detoxifying and cleansing. From breathing exercises to contorting your body into various stretching positions, you remove all the bad air from your lungs and all the toxins through the perspiration and what you’re left with is a purified body and amazing glowing skin.


Daily Face Oil

Now this is not compulsory, but hugely moisturising and nourishing. I have always been an advocate of a face oil especially in the winter and especially when I want to achieve a glow to my face. The Manuka Doctor Replenishing Oil (£12.99) is perfect for this. It’s lightweight and after application your skin is instantly rejuvenated and glowing. What makes this product even more appealing is that it’s clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and promote skin elasticity and it’s also designed to suit all skin types.



Primer (optional)

I’ve talked about primers and why they can be the best makeup product you use and why they’re also a choice. I wasn’t sold on the idea until I tried the Nars Pore Refining Primer. Not only did my skin look even and my imperfections blurred, but also my foundation had the longevity I desired and it did not crack. While I love a good mattifying primer for pictures and a night out, when it comes to glowing skin you want something that will give you that glow! You want your skin to be elevated by all the other easy guidelines you have already followed. Step forward the Eve Lom Radiance Primer (£40.00). The packaging isn’t ostentatious or blinding, it’s chic and understated. The primer itself is like a light moisturiser that contains brightening actives to give a celestial lift to your face, in addition to softening imperfections and pores. It’s youth in a bottle with all the added vitamins and plant extracts. Worn on its own or under makeup, you’ll never tire looking at just how alive your skin looks.


Base Coverage

When it comes to base coverage and achieving that glow, it’s key not to go for a matte full coverage foundation. You want something lightweight that gives enough coverage to even out the skin tone. You can opt to use some concealer just to cover any unwanted blemishes or dark marks. I’m a huge fan of tinted moisturisers as a lightweight coverage alternative and boy do I have plenty! But the one that I have been reaching to a lot lately is the Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser (£58.00). Don’t let the small thin tube deceive you, as it’s definitely a contender to be one of the best, tinted moisturisers in the beauty market. Not only does it contain Broad Spectrum SPF, it also has skin-smoothing properties and is extremely lightweight. What is even more ideal about this tinted moisturiser is that it comes in various tones. The darkest it will go is Wheat so for my beautiful darker skin tone readers another tinted moisturiser alternative is the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (£29.50), which has almost identical properties and has a broader range of skin tone colours. The end goal is to achieve a natural glow with makeup that sits lightly on the skin.





I am a mist fiend; I probably have half a dozen mists. They’re easy to use and don’t require anything more than spritzing all over the face. They add moisture to your face and they can be carried around in your handbag for all-day hydration. What is slowly becoming a cult product is the Emma Hardie Glow Mist (£35.00), which I absolutely adore! It smells unbelievable, something along the lines of aromatherapy oils, and it instantly calms you. When applied, it looks like your spraying highlighter all over the face. Once it sinks into your skin all you see is this luminosity. Even without makeup, this mist will give you all the glow that you want!



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